3 Best Options For Single Moms in Low Cost Home Businesses

I am a single mom looking to start an online business. What would you suggest for me? This is a question asked by millions of women who have dreamed of starting something that would allow them to stay home and take care of their children and work to support their families.

Today we have more family dynamics made of single parent households than anyone ever anticipated. Mothers who struggle to make the choice of seeing their child in the first play they ever had or job security. Seeing their child take the first step themselves or hearing about it from the daycare attendant. It is a sad choice when we have to see all the “firsts” through others eyes because we have to work and support our families.

So I suggest these top endeavors for future stay at home mothers who want to take back their lives and their “firsts”!

  1. Anything Blog related! If you are a single mom who loves to write anything blog related will be good. You will have to get it going by joining many forums specific to moms, their interests and advice topics. It is very easy to get the blog started. What you need to realize is the opportunities it will hold for long term success. Advertising and networking will help you get it noticed but having good sources want to advertise on your site will make it even better. You will get residual income from the advertisers and people will notice that these advertisers take you seriously. So if they want on your page, they will too!
  2. If you have a back ground in Advertising and Marketing you can go into online Marketing. You will have to find your niche. It could be writing articles, writing books, writing advice or content for other online sites. Either way you go….Enjoy it and it will be easy!
  3. Anything Web related or Desk top Publishing is a great business! Almost anyone who has creative talents can market themselves and their business into a great and very lucrative niche of Web Design and Logo work. It is easy, low cost start up and only takes a few short hours away from your babies to get going and build your clientele.

Do your research. Find out where you are and what is most interesting to people around you. Sometimes you will have to go out of your comfort zone to be successful. But once you see you can be at home with your babies, you will be happy you went the extra mile!

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